Duplicating objects along a curve?

I’ve seen some tipis on thie but they seem to be for earlier versions of blender, at least they don;t seem to work with the current one too well.

If I have an object that I want to duplicate along a curved path and get it them evenly spaced and facing outwards from the center, how? The path is oval, if that helps.

You could use a path and dupliframes


dupliframe.blend (201 KB)

Thanks. That looks right, the last tutorial I saw said dupliverts but I could not find the command in the latest version.

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I applied your advice and it pretty well solved my problem, thanks again.

I, uh, wouldn’t suppose there’s a way to redefine the starting point of a path? For whatever reason the path starts at an inconveneitn point which keeps the duplicated from lining up quite right. I would lie to be able to define the start of a path I’ve converted from a ring if possible.