Duplicating Problem


I’ve created a complex model with some textures and animation and I’d like to copy it (in the same project) and have a second one to work with.

Whats happening is I’m doing Shift+D and it’s creating a second copy but the textures and animation seem to be linked so if I change the animation or texture of my second model it also alters the original model exactly the same.

Am I doing something wrong, I’m still a bit of a beginner.

Thanks in advance!

its because its using the same material. All you have to do is add a new material, if you do, it usually duplicates the settings, so you dont have to fix anything. Sorry I dont know about fixing the animation.

You can also make the material a single user. There should be a number next to the material name.
I don’t thinkits any different then adding a new material, but it helps to understand whats linked and how it affects everything.

Thanks for your help!