Duplication in blender 2.82

i have a problem with blender 2.82
becouse i dont know where is the Duplication,in blendere 2.79 is in objec data , in blender 2,82 where is? is for to aplly at the face of a mesh an object set to parent, like you see screen shot

It is also in the object data panel but it is called “instancing” now.

And for the people who are interested in this tool, the instanced object needs to be a true hierarchical child of the main object. Took me a bit to figure out, as I didn’t pick that up straight away from the somewhat cryptic manual… :wink:

Tankyou for reply

Yes. That is a pretty silly thing about instancing in this way.

Using particles is often better.

Hopefully instancing is overhauled soon and we can forget about all this duplistuff that never was very flexible in the first place… btw this is the object properties. Object data is the one that concerns the mesh, data layers, shapekeys, etc.