Duplication of bone creating problems


I’m following ward7299’s Johnny Blender tutorial series (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIM1oSlN7gY&feature=related), and am currently creating a rig for my model. I’ve completed the left side of the body, and have duplicated most of it over to the right side of the body, but when I try to duplicate the hand bone, something odd happens. It creates a new bone, seemingly exactly the same, but the old bone connects to the new bone.

Here’s the bone as it looks before duplication:


And here’s what happens when I try to duplicate:


Does anybody know why it’s doing this?

(I’ve tried to get around this by moving the original bone back to where it’s supposed to be, and I’ve cleared any parent relations between the original and the duplicate, but when I come to parent the model to the rig, the model warps. I’ve attached a .blend file with the armature in case it helps any - the offending bone is “hand.L”.)

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jimmyarmature.blend (194 KB)

Took me a min to find it… There are a few bones in the hand that are hidden. When you duplicate the bones, the hidden ones aren’t duplicated and they are the ones causing the problems… Attached is a screenshot showing the outliner window with the hidden bones circled in red. After I un-hide them with alt-h in the 3d view, everything appeared to duplicate just fine.

To be honest, I figured that out, but didn’t dive into it any deeper than that. One thought that occurred to me is that maybe something with fms.L is parented wrong, you might want to look at what it’s parented to and if it’s connected or not. That’s the one bone that was causing all the problems. If all the other bones are parented but not connected, and that one is, that could be the source of the problem.

Anyhow, if you don’t un-hide all the bones, you won’t duplicate all the bones that make up the rig…

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Thanks, Randy. That’s solved most of the problem for me. I think a couple of the constraints are mildly affecting the mesh, but it’s slight enough for me not to worry.