dupliframe problem for track?

i check the wiki page but not enought to help here!

i applied dupliframe on an object
and did the Ctrl-A and Alt-o on eah object
but still get an offset on top aprt of the track

so how can i correct this ?

see pic for 2.49


now i did not know how to extrude a pth cruve so i use a simple poly curve 3D curve
and the animation seems ok in front view but there is a roation of 180 degress ewhen it arrive at the top part

so how to correct this rotation and this is due to what ?

thanks for any help

anybody can help solve this problem


to solve this you have to make the curve in top view instead of front view

cause the Z axis must always point up for instance
or change the axis constraint in object panel F7 may be!
sothat there is not rotation when going from bottom part to top part of the curve
so that the Z axis or Y axis always point in same direction!

happy 2.5

Try to use Ctrl+N
Recalculate Normals outside^^

i got it to work with bezier curve

now how do you work with path curve?

can you make a closed curve wiht path for instance ?


ricky are you using 2.49?

i’ve been trying to work out dupliframes in 2.56

can you post the blend

well doesn not matter it’s the same constraints being applied in 2.49 or 2.5
but i did it in 2.49 cause i did my tank model in 2.49

i did find that it was easier to add the curve and object in top view instead of front view
becasue of the constraint applied

what is the problem your having with dupliframe?

happy 2.5