Duplivert Texture Issues

Hi everyone, im pretty new to blender so im picking it up as i go along. For this reason i apologise for what may be a vague description of the problem at hand.

So basically ive created this so far:

The area of concern is in the roof. I created a single roof tile and dupliverted it over a grid (32x12) to get me a decent area of cover. I made the dupliverts ‘real’ and positioned them in the green area shown below.

From here i copied regions of the tiles to fill out the rest of the roof. For instance i copied the bottom 3 rows of the original tiles and pasted them below it. (White area)

Now i want to select individual tiles for texture, how ever when i select only 1 tile in a certain ‘area’ the whole lot changes as well.

I do know that the green area are all ‘ME: Circle 28’ and have different ‘OB: ###’ names and the white area ‘ME: Circle 27’ with different ‘OB: ###’ names. So they’re behaving in areas as the same mesh but with different individual objects.

How do i separate the meshes so i can texture individual tiles?

I hope this was a clear enough question. I suppose i could start again, i think it is the assigning and use of material before i dupliverted that threw me off. Any ideas?

Go into edit mode, select everything and press P, and select ‘by loose parts’
Hope it helped

Hey Tomrebel2,

I had tried that beforehand and this is the result of doing so.

It might be worth mentioning that when i created the first tile i split the faces to give me sharp edges, hence the material has 4 indices. (top of tile, underside of tile, bottom 2 faces and rounded ends) Would this have anything to do with the problems at hand?

Back up to a previous version and link the material to the Object instead of the Mesh (OB/ME buttons)… http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Materials/Options. You can then still use DupliVerts.

Hey Secundar, ill try that out. Thanks.

Do you know if there is a way to remove materials from the materials library? I seem to be collecting a whole host of redundant materials. Perhaps i could create a new .blend file and copy over the model, lights and camera and restart the texturing process?

Materials will be removed from your file when they are no longer in use. Just save your BLEND file, then re-open it and the materials will be removed (if they truly are not linked to anything).