Dupliverted Particle Orientation

(S68) #1

Ok, folks.


If I parent a mesh to a particle emitter And hit DupliVerts I get that mesh duplicated at each particle, and this is good.

But duplis have all the same orientation, which is awful.

If I place a rotation IPO on the original object all particles rotate alltogether.
Which is not good enougth.

Question is, is it possible to have a random rotation on dupliverted particles?

And, if not, is it possible to freeze rotation on the object rotation at the moment of emission?

Thanx in advance


P.S. Martin, I know that dynamica can do this… when will it be released???

(theeth) #2

You can do this with the Blender particles as well, just click the Rot (not sure that`s the name of the button, I don’t have Blender here) green button next to Duplivert. You can then change the Tracking and Up axis the same way you do when using a tracking constraint.

PS: well, I could release the Dynamica code as is, but it would probably proove useless for pretty much everyone, so I’d rather do it on a personnal basis. If you want to try it, send me an e-mail and I’ll send you a link. It’s a bitch to instal sometimes, that’s why I don’t want to give the link to the public at once.

(S68) #3


If I barely press it, nothing changes… are youy suggesting to add an Empty and make original object track it?


(theeth) #4

doh… I also forgot. You have to use the Vector option for the particles (turn the particle’s vector on, makes them look like lines)


(S68) #5

It works :slight_smile:

Thanx a lot

(AVI soon to appear on Works in Progress…)