Dupliverts Emitter Problem

I am trying to put leaves on an animated character. The leaf is a mesh that I have set to be emitted as particles. Although ‘mesh’ is on to render the emitter it will not render when dupliverts is checked. When dupliverts is not checked the leaves will not act as particles.

To get both the mesh and the leaves to render it is suggested to duplicate it but this makes animating excessively complicated.

Any suggestions on how to achieve distinguishable leaves on a tree would be awesome.

These are the particle settings I’m using:

Don’t use Particles. Create some jumbled-up, Subdivide MultiFractal meshes and place them where the leaves should be. Parent them to the main mesh and duplivert the leaf object to them with Rot turned on.


Thank you, that looks great. Is there a way to create the effect of wind without using particles? : )

If you set the blown object as a SoftBody, yes.