Duracell (R) Flashlight

Taking a break from the usual Sci-Fi theme. C&C welcomed and encouraged (click on the thumbnails to view the images)…

http://www.fourmadmen.com/gallery/albums/images/blender/wip/flashlight/thumb_wip2.jpg http://www.fourmadmen.com/gallery/albums/images/blender/wip/flashlight/thumb_wip4.jpg http://www.fourmadmen.com/gallery/albums/images/blender/wip/flashlight/thumb_wip9.jpg

http://www.fourmadmen.com/gallery/albums/images/blender/wip/flashlight/thumb_wip10.jpg http://www.fourmadmen.com/gallery/albums/images/blender/wip/flashlight/thumb_wip11.jpg http://www.fourmadmen.com/gallery/albums/images/blender/wip/flashlight/thumb_wip12.jpg

Author’s notes: The yellow is more of a Dewalt-Yellow than a Duracell-Yellow, which is too bad because I really like the Dewalt shade. The back side of the reflector uses a noise bump map and basically looks nothing like what I’m shooting for.

i see we post things on two forums now (just like me :stuck_out_tongue: )!

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About the modeling… top notch! i really like it althoug a more plastic material would have been nice for the actual body (yellow) and i head on view of the lens would have been nice seeing as that is where you had the most trouble! Keep it up! very nice - keep moving from the sci-fi theme…too many of those ETs already! :smiley:

Ironically the lighting leaves much to be desired but its a pretty good model. It has a very “CG” look to it though. (Not just because it IS CG but because the model has absolutely no imperfections that I can see whatsoever, and real life is full of them) I’m not sure what your goal is, but if its realism you need work on the lighting and “grunge up” your texturing and modeling a little. keep it up!

As far as the lighting goes I’ve found this setup is something people love or hate. It’s really designed to show detail as opposed to being realistic.

I have the real flashlight on my desk and it’s beat twelve ways to Sunday. Something I’ll be adding when the texturing starts in earnest. Got to finish the modeling first though.