Durian - Sword

I just started to work on the a sword, used as reference the
Durian Sword. Critice and anything else is welcome.
but keep in mind tha this is a early stage of it.
and here is a link:


You have to augment the crease arround the blade, otherwise, the sword won’t cut anything.

Go into material settings, turn the world colour from blue to light grey (not straight white or hard black). Render with Ambient Occlusion on.

It looks kind of like you modeled the blade with NURBS. Am I correct?

No, there is no Nurbs i used in this.
Actualy i dont like nurbs much :confused: .
But here is another pic, And i will try the changes
suggested by you. Thx and i will work on somhow nice texture.

greets equal ^^

Edit: added New Pic


update: a New Pic and a bit work
more will come soon.


I like the texturing in the last one!

Here is another update.
I aded some deco, but i couldnt let the physics
make the cloth red piece rly fall down, cuz the laptop here
is kinda limited. here is the pics and crtics.
i darked the text of the sword.

greets equal


can we have a closer picture of the sword, i cant really see the details

The background diverts me, but i like the deco

Ok now as im back from holidays and got some time inbetweew work, i could improve
the Sword again a little bit, i hove u like it.
Any critics or ways i can improve this, because i know it is some good steps away from
a good pic.
I also tried Texturing for the first time seriously.
I just await your comments ^^.
greets Equal