Dusk: Game

If you look up ‘Rotten Wood’ on Google, you’ll find some nice rotten wood images that are pretty accurate.

The update basement environment appears to be very interesting; I’m excited to view this project continuing after a three month hiatus of progress updates.

This is looking great. I know videos Never give a game justice, so if you disagree, just ignore me, but I think the spec could be turned up on some of things to maybe give it more of a wet, or damp look. Like the brick. Or maybe have some puddles here, and there with water dripping.

Just an opinion though. Please don’t go psyco on me.

I agree with Turbo - that would help the game to look a bit more detailed.

I won’t go psycho on you :slight_smile: promise.

Thanks for the comment. I have actually tried raising the spec value but it made everything look like plastic rather than just looking wet, but I’ll try and raise it a bit more. Also, there actually is water on the ground already, I’ll try and make it a bit more obvious.

Thanks for the suggestions. The dripping water’s a cool idea as well, perhaps near the window.

Also thanks to Keyfinder, I’m surprised you still remember this it’s been a while since the last update. I’m not too good at updates it would seem.

Finally in response to Solarlune, I did a Google search as you suggested and you’re right the wood is too green. I still want to keep some of the green look to keep the atmosphere but I’ll get on and change that.

Oh. I’m sorry. I posted after watching your video on my phone. After seeing it on my PC, I noticed the water on the floor. It looks good.

I’ve had the plastic look before as well, and I usually have to adjust the spec map it’s self in Gimp.
I’m not sure how you do yours, and may have already fixed it, but I’ll show an example of how I do mine just to help out.
But I’m eating now, so it will be a few.

I found why the spec looked so low in the video. Id accidentally put the slider all the way down so there wasn’t any spec at all it’s back up looking better than ever.
also the wood has been re-coloured and the water is slightly more obvious.


The wood’s still quite green for my taste, but the game’s looking far better. I like the water a lot, as well.

Looks great. How do I join this project of yours? Do you have a website I could go to for some more information?

Sorry but this is a solo project, I’m not looking for project partners at this time. It’s nice to know though, that you would consider the project worth putting your time and effort into.

I’ll stick this here as well.

turns out the last picture I posted of the changes applied I’d used the wrong texture. so it was the old texture not the new one with the re-coloured wood. hence why you thought it was too green Solarlune.
sorry about that.

here’s the actual updated texture


Looking really good.

@Mattline1: Hey, can you post the python script you use to drag objects? I’ve been trying really hard to make a good drag object script and so far I’ve only gotten so far as to have a script that can drag an object - but it does so by parenting it to my camera and then the object can go through floors/walls/etc (it seems to lose it’s rigid body attributes while being parented). Do you have a way around this?

Sorry! basically I did it the same way you described. the only difference being I enabled compound in the Parent actuator which adds the objects physics to the players, but it can still clip through walls with enough force. That’s why you can’t pick stuff up in the game anymore.
when (if) I put it back in the game, I’ll send it to you (you may need to remind me) so look for future updates.

Alright, will do!

@Mattline1: Strangely, using compound and ghost still does not work…

import bge
from bge import events
from bge import logic

cont = logic.getCurrentController()
camera = logic.getCurrentScene().objects['Camera']
obj = cont.owner

over = cont.sensors['Over']

mouse = logic.mouse.events

right_click = mouse[events.RIGHTMOUSE]
object = over.hitObject

if right_click == 2 and over.positive and 'drag' in object:
    object.setParent(camera, False, False)

The object still goes through walls even though the setParent(object, compound, ghost) : ghost is set false, and compound is set false (means it keeps own shape)

Ok - so the solution to the grab script is this - you have to do it without .setParent - or wtv. It can’t be done through parenting.

@ HyperReal I’ve sent you a solution, with a .blend.
for everyone else here’s the basics

A script to drag objects. You’re able to drag a box around and it shouldn’t go through walls.
It works by getting the x,y,z between the object to be grabbed and an empty, then multiplies that by the distance between them and a factor of 10, then applies that value as a force.
This means a bit of Jittering but it works.

This will probably be implemented into Dusk soon. to enable an interactive environment. I can post the .blend here if people want it but it still needs work.

Far better wood, Matt. The wood’s much less distracting… I like the moss you have as well - I think it would be nice to have a little more of, though I can’t tell how much you have from a single screenshot. Anyway, detail is key in any game, so even if it’s not a huge area to explore, if it feels really detailed, people will absolutely love it.

Ya it’s pretty good - I’m optimizing it now. Give me a couple of minutes and it should look beautiful

Hey Mattline1, you’re script works beautifully - however… is there a way to have the same effect without having to use an empty? also - is there a way to apply damping to an object in python from the script?