Dusk: Game

Dusk: game

Dusk is a First person survival horror game. where you play as a character trapped within an old house. The demo takes place in the first environment you encounter, the basement of the house.

Your aim. To escape!

However you’ve only got your torch to help you in this place, and it seems to be waning along with yourself.

this thread will now be focused on development of the game rather than the demo.


The Demo Walk through

Are you breathing in the microphone or are those real game sounds?

Looks impressive, I’ve been quite fond of puzzle/survival first person games recently. The dynamic appearance of the “E” for interactive objects is a nice touch.

Thanks for the comments!
At the moment I had to add the breathing later, though the plan is to get it implemented to be in game.

Interesting look and feel. It’s a basement, so you’ll have to be creative to come put with some good ideas.

Looking good, somehow it reminds a lot about Amnesia…

Thanks all for the positive comments.
I will say that when I first started I hadn’t heard of Amnesia. Though after a bit of research into horror conventions I came across Amnesia and it has been an influence since then, well, for the designs of the first level. Though I plan to move away slightly from the clichéd basement level.

If Amnesia inspires your work, dont forget to reinvent the gameplay, something new or so. I’ve seen alot of games that only tries to copy another game, mostly they never come out as good as the original. It’s also easier to make something with your own style, because people dont have anything to refer to or compare your experience with, I go mad :mad: when people go like " oh, I’ve seen that before , nothing special with those effects", when they really have no idea what amount of work it takes to put an experience together.

Just try to make your Dusk game unique and nice vids by the way :wink:

I agree with you entirely on the “copying games” topic, I’m being very careful not to just remake Amnesia. Though the first area is pretty similar to it, the later levels are going to go on a completely different path, though I don’t want to disclose too much information just yet.

Nice to hear, I am waiting eagerly for your progress… :wink:

It’s been a while since the last update as I’ve recently discovered multiplayer minecraft and now seem to have a lot less free time than before.
however I have managed to get this done. I’ve remade the environment as I felt it was slightly too linear and also the graphical quality wasn’t as high as it could be. here’s a couple of screenshots.

I hope to have a video up some time this week.

Looks great, can’t wait to see more progress!!

Yeah, looks far better. Good job, so far.

Thanks for your comments. I’ve just uploaded a new video of the environment, the general clutter isn’t there yet but the key structure is. enjoy

The game looks fantastic so far, this game has a huge amount of potential. One questions for you “Mattline1”, how did you achieve the effect of the gradually dimming light source?

First thanks for the comment.
Secondly for the lights I just animated them, on the energy slider for your light choose your value then with your mouse over the slider press " i ", you just insert key-frames like regular animation then play it back in game with an f-curve actuator (or an ipo actuator in 2.49b or earlier)

I’m dragging this thread up from the depths. I am still working on this game I just take a while with updates.

any way here is the newest video of the game in action, enjoy.

Aha - looks pretty good. Changing depth doesn’t work for lights in Multi-texture mode (for whatever reason). I hope the devs fix that. In any case, the game’s looking good - even for non-GLSL mode. One gripe I have is that all of the wood is green-ish. Shouldn’t it be brown (or perhaps, brown with a sort of green, dirty and slimy detail on it)?

I meant for the wood to be that green. in an earlier version it was brown but it didn’t have the kind of rotted look i’m going for. Other areas in the game will have a nicer looking colour for the wood though.