Dusk render - roof pool (cycles)

Dusk mood
a personal project, trying to define a new style to my future Archviz projects

done with blender 2.65 - cycles

Beautiful, eMirage! You’ve done a great job balancing the ambient light with the artificial light!
Great colors, as well! Simple but well executed.

thanks James


Gorgeous! I love the heavy blue tone with the yellows and pinks.

Good job Hamza

Very nice. It took me quite a while to realize that there isn’t really that much stuff in there, but the background and the mood really sells it, so that it really looks nice. I think the water should be a little lower though.

indeed it’s a simple scene, just to test the mood
for the sky it can be downloaded from there : http://www.andrzejgasior.com/vp_free/VizPeople_Free_Skyes.zip

magnifique render well done

v nice to look at. Good work!