Dust-2 Remake ~Complete Playable Level~

Hey BlenderArtists!

I’m releasing a project that I’ve been working on for quite some time. It’s a complete remake of Valve’s Counter-Strike level; Dust2. It makes for an interesting level to test things on.

The level and props were created and textured by me (for the most part; see credits). Nothing was ripped from Valve’s game, and game screenshot as a modeling reference.

I’ve been working on this for a couple of months, as practice. It’s not perfect and there is much room for improvement, thus I’m passing it onto you. Feel free to modify it. I get decent framerates on my low-end laptop so I’m hoping fps wont be a problem for most people.

I would also like to point out that the scene is compatible with non-GLSL graphics cards (I know a few of you still exist out there), it just takes a little bit of tweaking.

You are encouraged to modify and redistribute, just make sure you give me some credit:yes:


Here are some screens, enjoy!

I’m using a Noise, overdraw, edge blur, and retinex filters in the screens.

I’l upload in a short bit, sit tight.


Credits are as follows:

-The rifle was downloaded for free from Commander566 - Turbosquid
-Martinsh for the Shader FX, and the sexy palm tree. Thanks man!
-Riyuzakisan for the Player camera script
-Valve for the distinct FPS hands which were downloaded from Turbosquid

Download is ready, get it here; http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/eCstatic
Use the free sign-in,

Name: BlenderArtist
Pass: blender

First one to find all 3 Easter eggs gets a prize, no cheating :slight_smile:

Brilliant work, Congrats :wink:

I tried to download it but this happens

The requested file is either no longer available or is not authorized for download.

EDIT: I cant use it because I have a mac and its .Rar, on the pictures it looks 10/10 though :slight_smile:

If its not downloading for you on Turbosquid, you can get it here http://www.mediafire.com/?ucuw70cac55lu1q

The .blend file is included along with everything else.

If your card doesn’t support GLSL, then you have to delete the noise plane that is inside of the camera, otherwise nothing will render when you start the game.

To those with you with a Macintosh, you can download an app here to un-archive the .rar

Here is another screen

Let me hear your feedback guys. I would love for somebody to make a lightmap for it, or perhaps create an online shooter.

I just want to remind everyone that I will be giving away a prize (Any one thing you want from my Turbosquid page, free, plus this sci-fi texture


to anyone who finds the 3 easter eggs first! Good hunting! Don’t forget to rate and comment!!

Did anyone try it?

Downloading. Screenshots look great! Reminds me of Crossfire (they have a Dust 2 remake to)

What are your thoughts?

I tried it. I thought it was really good. Brought back some CS memories. It was a little slow on my machine though (an older Dell laptop). I can play CS fine though. I looked at the profile info and the Rasterizer was the bottleneck. I’m guessing that Blender Game Engine doesn’t do any sort of automatic partitioning like OctTree?

Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess I could drop a few hints :wink:

-Hold the spacebar to fly, the view is great.
-Is that something glimmering in the desert outskirts?
-Looks like someone forgot to lock their door…

I’l send you a PM regarding your proposition acidpenguin.

ahhhh you fly with space, very handy :slight_smile:

aha got them!

got what?

shhh don’t tell anyone

Dammit agoose now I cant rub it out because you have it qouted in your post :slight_smile: I defy you to find the poster though, it was hard

Dang it, I wanted to post about the easter eggs, Great level and some nice work here. Shame about the eggs being revealed.

I revealed for the prize :slight_smile: i’ll remember to put easter eggs into the maps I make then you can try and find them Allan :wink:

Delete now

It was nice!

awesome. =d

wow nice screenies…it looks like professional stuff…congratz man