Dust and dirt from ripping ground?

I am trying to make a scene like in this video here:

I know it would be practically impossible for me to get to this level of realism in an earthquake, but one thing that i noticed added a ton of realism was the dirt and dust from the ripping pieces of ground. does any body know how I can do that? also, other tips recreating a similar scene. This might be of help too:

Well, offhand I would start by taking a flat plane and carving it up into randomly connected line-segments. (Undoubtedly there’s a “shatter” script for that.) Then, this is extruded downward to form three-dimensional shapes. Next, each of the polygons cum shapes is separated to form a distinct object.

When they are perfectly aligned, as in their starting position, they form a cohesive whole. There literally is no “gap” between them. But now you can animate them, e.g. with Physics, so that they split apart, crumble into the nether-regions, or what have you.

The basic technique that is being used here is simulation: the animation probably isn’t generated by keyframing (although a good bit of refinement might be done that way). Instead, this is (in the world of Blender) the domain of particle-sims, the Bullet physics engine, and a whole lot of Python code. However, since this is an open-source world, people share that kind of stuff quite freely.

There are many, many composite layers that go into an effects-shot like that: sometimes several hundred. For example, there will be lots of particle-driven action, smoke, flying objects, body parts, “dogs and cats living together … real Wrath of God stuff …” :slight_smile: And this is all built-up one bit at a time.