dust in volumetric light

Well, I couldn’t find any tutorials or things on this, so I decided to do it myself. I tried using the volume rendering, but it wouldn’t have worked. Still, it was a lot more complicated to set up than I thought it would be. Basic concept is there though. So, suggestions and stuff would be nice.


Well, the only reason you can see the light in the photo you attached is because of all the dust in the air, there are more than just a few pieces, but still, what you have done looks pretty good!

hmm the halo effect should really be textured, notice the swirling smokey quality of the foto?

Do you know how to texture the volumetric stuff? I couldn’t find any settings for it and i think I’m going to end up having to do some fancy node work. I was also considering just using a transparent cylinder for the volumetric stuff, but it wouldn’t be able to do the streaky shadows.

You can texture halos (they are only 2D sprites tho’) but I’m not sure you can map the texture using global co-ordinates?

but maybe it’d be better to turn halo off and use a lot of particles…

Okay, small update. I think I might give volume rendering another chance…


that looks a lot better!

so which aproach did you use?

It was the same as before, just a different node setup. I had some smoke (from my smoke tests) that I used to multiply out the volumetric light and make it look dusty. Increasing the smoke billboard size will increase the amount of dust in the air.

Still not finished though. Got to get it up and working in a scene I’m doing for a movie.

Adjusted some of the node setup and added some more particle systems. Should be much easier to do color mood corrections. Separate color adjustments for dust color variation and light shafts. Also, density of the volumetric light can be adjusted easily in the node editor. Didn’t change much with the node smoke wispy stuff. Probably should go work on that though.


Sorry are you using billboard particle smoke? Can you show a wire? Good look BTW

I’m interested to see how the durian team does their dust. They said they were going to be using volumetrics, but I don’t know how they’re going to animate it. Maybe if you had like five volumes on top of eachother to make some randomness. I don’t know. That would take forever to render though.

You can use noise and cloud as texture maps and then animate their parameters I suppose.
I think I tried sometime like that a few months back. I have also tried using simple geometry as a beam of light with animated cloud texture. They all work in their limited way and they render fast.

I would like to see some sort of displacement noise for halos/glows and lens-flares that give not round but uneven streaks. I think Maya has this cause I saw it in one of their demonstrations.