Dust Storm

I’ve been experimenting with blender particles, and I’m liking them more and more!

This is one of my tests I’ve been working on. I plan to update it some more this weekend (have a 4 day weekend!) and get a better quality video online. For now I’d like some crit on what I’ve got so far.


~jason h

I’ll have to look at home because I’m at work where I work ON A MAC!! (stupid wmv)



That’s a really atmouspheric dust-storm! A little more texture on the dust would be good, but’s quite tricky with blender particles - I think you’d need nodes.

I think for universalness, mpeg1 is probably the best video format.

I make sure to re-encode it differently when I post the updated version.

That’s some mayor dustbunnies! Cool stuff.

I would suggest to color it read a bit though so as to suggest it is a cloud of sand. It is a bit too gray on my screen. As yogyog suggested I think some textures would make it even better, try the cloud texture.

Another agreement with yogyog. And, also i think that the dust should be a little more brown, not quite so grey.
Particles can be a major pain. Keep it up!

I think it could be way denser… and more… cloud-ish… that would work out great I guess. Looking good though

Not bad!
The thing that stands out to me however, is it looks more like a cloud fly-through than a dust storm because of the slowness of the halo(?) movement throughout the movie. Dust particles would be whipping around, not floating serenely by.
An occasional one could be a clod of something, but not everything.
Adding some (additional) horizontal movement so that particles are flying back & forth across the screen constantly would made it great!