Based on that crazy skecth that appeared online.

This is totally crazy, and I love it : D

i’m glad you liked it. :smiley:

Lighting setup

Lol, very good. He’s a very funny character in Stranger Things.

Thanks, mate! In deed, he’s the best!


How did you do the hair? Did you comb particle by particle or is it a different setup that I don’t know about?

Please excuse me as I cleanse my eyes with a solution of bleach and holy water, and then scrub them with steel wool.

Thanks! I used to hate doing hair, but got courage to do it by applying the techniques from these Nazar Noschenko`s tutorials:

Works wonderfully!

hahaha don`t, the visual pain is part of the art.

Amazing and very stylish, ya keep it up your work, he is nice !

Ahaha you rock, man) nice guy! I like it:-)

Thanks! Though the style is defined by the reference doodle, I just translate it to 3D.

Dustin is bound to be a classic. There’s something so awesome about him.

Thanks, mate!