dutch website

how want’s to help me with a dutch blender site :smiley:

because i’m a noob.
and every tutorial and forum is english

Zo moeilijk is Engels toch niet?

But you’re right there’s not enough Dutch info on Blender.
I’m not really looking forward to translating a bunch of tuts though.
But whenever I’m doing a tutorial I’ll make an effort to have a Dutch version as well.

What i think is interesting is to get together and arange workshops in Dutch. I’m not a noob but stil need to learn a whole lot. Besides that i find it also interesting to see people IRL. I wear a Blender T-shirt all the time, hoping people recognize me as a Blender user :expressionless:

I’m from the Eindhoven Area, where Blender is founded… ( i cant help being a little proud of that :smiley: )

Well lets see what this thread brings us…

Twan :smiley:

Don’t forget to wash it once in a while.

Leuven, BE myself.

I think it’s a good idea.
a nephew of mine is not a real star in English, he is not the only one…

Count me in on this project.!!!
I can do a lot of things. :Z
translate and stuff, maybe do some webthings.

Lijkt me een leuke stap.
Al ideeen?

I’m interested too
I’m pretty new to blender,
but perhaps I could help to translate things

let me know !


It might be a good idea to get some life in the Dutch(speaking) blender community. But just starting to translate tutorials won’t help that much. First there needs to be a central structure (wiki?), and everything needs to be a bit more organised. Otherwise this great idea won’t survive very long.
I wouldn’t mind translating some tutorials though.

So what we need:

  • Central structure
  • List of goals (eg what tutorials need to be translated?)
  • Enthusiastic people

The first thing someone can do is create a Dutch manual for the technical dictionary.
I mean, does anyone know the dutch word for ray tracing or radiosity without saying something like radiositeit :] ?

I dont think translating that kind a words are needed, its terminilogy, you can explain what the principal is. (its CPU and not CRE -centrale reken eenheid)
If someone then reads an english tute he doesnt understand anything…
But hé, if someone can?

Maybe we can start by translating parts of the help-page?

i have not any idea’s

but i will start with a layout :smiley:

i’ve you want to help me add my msn :wink:

[email protected]

I know nothing about the Dutch language…

But you guys should take a look at the current Blender Wiki. I looks like there are at least plans to branch the documentation into various languages (I can’t remember if Dutch was listed). That would be the ideal place, because it centralizes the location of Blender documentation and tutorials, and because the infrastructure is already in place for hosting and editing documentation/tutorials via the wiki.

Hope this helps.

This indeed looks like the road to go. Currently there are only branches for German, Spanish, French, Italian and Finnish so a new branch of the core documentation would be needed.

For reference:
To be more precise: the meta-section.

which programs we can use for the translation of the tutorials ?

I can’t spel in english, my dutch is bad enouph spoken so I doubt i can be mutch help. Duoas, is onto something making a dutch port could save some hasle to start with, al the images are alread their and loaded it would be simple translation not idea creation, screen shots, layout, chapters, etc. it would at least give a starting point thats been tried and tested.

go to ‘http://rubie.ru.funpic.de/forum’ so we can talk in dutch :smiley: :wink:

i speak afrikaans, soi might be able to help

If you are desperate to see some of the tutorials translated into dutch give this site a try ( http://babelfish.altavista.com ) it will not translate everything perfectly but enough so you will be able to follow it.