DW drum


(Zakousky) #1

After seeing the Oleksandr Zymohliad beautiful guitar project I,ve decided to create a project around my favorite drum brand, a DW drumset with Zildjian cymbal.

Something like this :

the toms :

(Zakousky) #2

The finished Floor tom with a first textured test

(Zakousky) #3

The 14 inches tom with his STM system attach

(Zakousky) #4

And now, my Favorite Cymbal : The China S serie by Zildjan :smile:

(jbattersby) #5

Great work!

(Zakousky) #6

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

(Martynas Žiemys) #7

Looks nice. :slight_smile:

(Member) #8

Awesome work man keep up the good work,

(Zakousky) #9

THX ! It’s cool to read that :slight_smile:

(Zakousky) #10

Here’s the tom toms attachment of the bass drum ,

(Zakousky) #11

Ca progresse, ça progresse… :slight_smile:

(Zakousky) #12

And now, the complete drumset with the first cymbal stand

(Zakousky) #13

Hello everybody,
I improved the texture and material of the cymbals (not totally satisfied by the crash cymbal).
What do you think of it ?