Dwarf Tunnel


(dudecon) #1

I’ve had a hankering to do something involving ingots, and finally got around to it!

Not my best work, but not bad for an afternoon either. I mean, it’s after midnight now, so, I’ve almost certainly gotten carried away. Anyhow, I’ve attached the .blend file, in case anyone wants to see how this was made, make your own renders, etc.
DwarfTunnel.blend (445.6 KB)

(FinalBarrage) #2

Very interesting idea, i think you can draw a lot of inspiration from World of Warcraft :slight_smile: Personally i’d light up the scene a little more, but it looks good!

(dudecon) #3

Thanks! Yeah, I could have drawn from LOTR and/or WoW, but I was trying to stay out of the established grooves. Who knows how well I did; The subconscious is a tricky partner.

I fiddled with the light levels a lot, but making it any brighter than this killed all the interest for me. Just made it feel flat. Feel free to prove me wrong though!

(Member) #4

Nice work…