i want to make an animation with this guy. my brother told me he looks more like a viking than a dwarf. :slight_smile:
no material on the axe for now. tell me what you think about the rest.

The first thing I noticed was that the axe seems a little off to me.
I’d make it a bit more chunky and possibly bigger (if he’s a dwarf then a human with the relation to size holding that axe it’d be tiny!)
Possibly decrease the size of the horns on his helm slightly too.

Other than that I think it looks great!

Very nice, but some of the fingers especially the little and ring-finger look a bit warped/too smoothed instead of having knuckles.

Also the boots look abit to modern with the toes coming up like that. I don’t think the front of the boot should have that ‘hump’.


the buttons on his vest look flat and the horns are too round, look dull.
maybe also decrease the spec shading on the dwarfs skin beeing very shiny.i like the details on the armor of the shoulder and the rest of the armor
looks very professional all in all, just a bit fine tuning left so its placed well in forum “focused critque”

Perfect dwarf, no Viking at all, his proportions are definitely dwarfish :slight_smile:

Cool model, all the above comments apply, with this addition:

Why would anyone go into battle wearing handles for an enemy to grab and use to rip your head clean off?

Horns on helmets are so cliche and so silly when you think about it. Maybe for a solely ornamental suit of armor, but not for anything practical.

hi all. thanx for your comments. i’ll try to work on the things pointed out. until now just two small changes: made the axe bigger and the horns sharper (i’ll also give it a try how it looks without them). also want to show you a short animation test in my next post.

They are a symbol of honor and achievement. =]

Maybe those are the horn’s of the many balrogs. :eyebrowlift:

Small balrog or big dwarf

made a short test animation with my dwarf.


until now i made no changes on the horns. maybe i scale them up (to the size of balrog).


Pretty good motion, though I think you could work on giving the axe more of a sense pf mass, it seems pretty weightless.

The preview frame makes me think of the following dialog:

“Arr, I’ll cleave yer gnarly skull like a ripe melon… uhh, wait a minnit… ugh… got this gods-cursed axe stuck in these gods-cursed horns again! Hang on. Dagnabbit! Arrrgh!” [dies bloodily]

Sorry, just a jest, the model’s lookin’ good, even with horns :wink: :smiley:

thanx for the feedback, chipmasque. you’re totally right with the weight of the axe. i think especially at the beginning when he lifts it for the first time, it feels like a 1 kg thing(or he’s got a very powerful joint). i’ll try to fix that. :wink:

about the horns: if i had to fight like so with this helmet on my head it would be annoying to me, probably. but just looking at it and animating this guy, it’s fun.

I do like the look of the horns, and they’d be great for a ceremonial costume, just impractical for battle garb, for a number of reasons, at least horns as long as these are.

But I wouldn’t make them any bigger, that might push them into Dark Helmet territory, which I don’t think is your intent.

Test animation looks really nice. The skirt is cloth or softbody technique?

thank you, JiriH. the skirt is cloth.

I like it! I’m definitely getting a Lord of the Rings vibe with this one. I particularly like the textures; they do a good job of showing detail. If I had to suggest improvements it would be that your dwarf doesn’t quite look “naturalistic”, eg. he looks good but is obviously CG. Specifically the thumbs could use improvement. Aside from that I like what I see.


Awesome work on that dwarf. On the second version, i also like the axe, even tho the joint between blade and handle could need some work.

The second thing that stung my eye are the horns on the helmet - they appear to be thinning out too little approaching the tip.

Keep rocking!

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On second thought… for a dwarf, i miss a bit more muscles on the arms. And everything else, for what it matters. You know, all the short-bulky-battle-machine thingy :slight_smile:

thank you for the tips, folks. i’m not satisfied with the hands and arms as well. hopefully i can show some changes in my next post. until now just a little tweak on the animation. tried to add more weight to the axe at the beginning.