DWG/DXF-exporter PE - release (2.6x, 2.7x, 2.8x)

DXF-exporter Personal Edition updated for Blender 2.79b!

DXF-exporter Personal Edition updated for Blender 2.78c!

The enhanced DXF-exporter Personal Edition is ready for Blender 2.78a now!

Development of DXF support for Blender is progressing well. Here is the timeline: http://cad4arch.com/cadtools/blog.htm#Blog

Updated DXF-exporter script is moving from “contrib” to “official” for Blender 2.64!

Wiki manual page is here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Import-Export/DXF_Exporter

You can support me - become a subscriber and get the enhanced Personal Edition (based on 2.49b script)

Porting back the DXF-scripts from 2.49 is on hold
due to minimal feedback and missing support from users.

I wish more people were willing to participate in development costs.
There is a donate button on my project homepage www.cad4arch.com/cadtools/
and i would appreciate if you use it from time to time

> professional users <
More reliable DXF exporter in Blender will make your life easier!
Consider to sponsor this project.
I can write you an invoice for your payments on CAD-consulting basis.

Vaclav Klecanda have started to work on DXF-exporter for 2.5x recently.
Wiki manual page is here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.5/Py/Scripts/Import-Export/DXF_Exporter
Please help with tests and bug reports here: http://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=23480

Good news for all CAD users: the DXF-Exporter will be ready for Blender 2.6 (maybe sooner!).
I am preparing both Exporter and Importer for this release.
I am still very taken with Free-Software/Open-Source idea and want to continue my engagement in this manner.
Please don’t hesitate to support me through donations!
It will help me a lot. Please use PayPal-link on CADtools homepage: topic “DXF support”.


will you make CadTools for 2.5(2.6) too?

yes, i will, but i am not able to say how soon it will happen.
I am quite busy now with implementing BIM-engine and IFC support for CADtools, in 2.49 at first.

Migius, besides DXF/DWG exporter will be great to have a dimensioning tool inside blender.
here it is a explenatory video of what sketchup has, so it could be nice to see it on blender too.

think this can be added to blender?

by the way , the DXF importer that is available in blender 2.56a is very very bad. Not importing thing well at all.
please make it better :expressionless:

regarding the poll: everybody that is using blender for architecture needs a dxf/dwg importer/exporter. It’s one of the reason that i could use blender, if there is no good dxf/dwg i see myself migrating to another software, and that is not what i wanna do :expressionless:

and what “high quality open-source DXF support in Blender” means anyway ?

It means, i am going to continue my development on DXF-import/exporter to make it more complete (100% DXF specification) and faster.
High quality means to me the software is stable, fast, ergonomic, customizable and well documented.
“DXF support” means also editing of imported DXF data in Blender itself. I am working on this theme for 3 years now, look at CADtools project’s homepage.

i am waiting for the blender 2.6 version of CADtools then :wink:

This importer will be replaced in 2.60 with the old one ported from 2.49b. Work in progress.
The importer in 2.56 is not “very bad”, it is only not as good as the previous one. (“simple quality” contrary to “high quality”)

sad to say, it will not happen very soon :frowning:

i’m saying that i tryed importing dxf to blender, and they all come up in a extremely bad shapes :expressionless:

I suppose it depends on import parameters. Have you tried to set higher resolution (curves)?
You can send me DXF-file for deeper diagnostic. (link from here or per email)

Look what happens: I create the simplest scene in Sketchup, and…

i am expoerting it as dxf like this:

you can see that is working fine in Autocad:

now importing to blender:

and the model looks as scary as this :

the human object disappeared and the cube is transformed from meters into kilometers :expressionless:
and some strange lines are imputed as well for some reason.

and here i send you the link where you can download the file untitled.dxf from:

i tried different setting they don;t improve the final result :expressionless:

i am investigating…


  1. the human is disappear, because it is a BLOCK, and 2.56-importer doesn’t support it yet.
  2. as the model is exported from SU in milimeters, you need to set resize factor 0.001 to get it imported in Blender in meters. Unfortunately there is no such option in 2.56-importer yet. Workaround is to set SU export to meters instead.
  3. geometry is not correct imported: 2.56-importer has very limited support for POLYLINE and POLYFACE objects. Workaround could be to export as r12-format from SU, so the geometry will be written as set of 3DFACEs (eventually, not tested yet).

Well, the old importer in 2.49 (with scale factor 0.001) does the job correctly. Just tested with your file.
It will be updated for Blender release 2.6 soon. :slight_smile:

yes, with 2.49b it does import correctly :slight_smile:

Hi Migius, what’s up with the exporter? making any progress, my friend? i have a suggestion ti say: currently i use blender 2.49 dxf/dwg importer, since 2.5 importer doesn’t work with more complex files.

I see that Blocks are automatically turned into groups with Empties sticked to them, or i don’t exact get what is happening but the thing is if i want to save at 3ds or Obj, or DAE, the groups will not appear, if i open the files in 3dsmax.

here i put the link to the file if you wanna take a look. http://dl.transfer.ro/transfer_ro-23mar-e1e595ddfa73de.zip

Conclusion: wouldn’t be better if the Blocks wouldn’t be grouped to empties that is the blocks to be transformed to individual meshes?