dwg/dxf inporter/exporter for blender 2.6x ?

now that we have 2.63+ with BMESH, wouldn’t be awesome to have a dwg/dxf inporter/exporter for blender ?

for all those who do architectural stuff this import/exporter would be a piece came form heaven.

a developer is needed. me, i could be a tester :slight_smile:

please vote. go up!

Shouldn’t this be what other options do you want that are not in the existing .dxf importer/exporters for 2.63

sorry ? please explain :slight_smile:

There is already a DXF importer. (Just activate it in your AddOns panel)

So what import features are missing?

There does not appear to be an exporter, however.

apart that addon imports dxf in wireframe, with no option to make faces from the verts/edges it also triangulates it a lot, so the mesh is pretty bad.

as i said there’s a need for dwg&dxf importer&exporter.

the importer/exporter works just fine in 2.49. i have tested it a while back :slight_smile:

What I understand is there is no way to import or export dxf files in blender :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

You can try link from my signature