Dying Gladiator

Hello Folks,

I’d like to share with you my quarantine project: the “Dying Gladiator”.

Dying Gladiator is a famous neoclassic sculpture, currently located in the Louvre Museum of Paris.

This work wasn’t meant to be a copy of the original, but a personal interpretation. Here Blender was used for modeling the shield and the sword, for doing UV layouts and of course rendering with displacement maps applied in Cycles. Another way I’ve used Blender for this project, which is not visible in the images, is building the veins system by drawing curves directly on the model. Blender was also timesaving for making the hairstyle, placing locks of hairs directly on the scalp with the snap tools.

I’d like to hear your comments and critics. Of course, if there is any question about my workflow or whatever, I’ll be happy to reply!

As a new user here, I’m only allowed to publish one image, then if you would like to see more about this work, here is my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/W2ym0Q


Looks great. What other programs did you use ?

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Hello @SidewaysUpJoe the workflow is in the description, anyway, the sculpt has been done with Zbrush, the shield and the sword with Blender, the drapery with Marvelous Designer, the retopo with 3D Coat, the rendering with Cycles. I’ve also used Blender for making the bases for hair and veins. If you have specific questions, I’ll be happy to unswear!

Thanks for the reply. You have alot of tallent, really nice render.

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