Dynablaster Revenge

Hi everyone,

Almost 3 years ago I asked in this forum for blender artists supporting the development of our remake of the game Dynablaster.

I’d just like to inform you that we’re DONE.

You can download the game for free here:

Here’s a screenshot of the game:

I’d like to thank everyone who offered his or her support.

Thanks and best regards

  • mueslee

Wow Amazing ! I download it now !
Thank you for sharing

This is an rly nice game!, totally love it!
The only thing that it is missing is maybe an option to play more than 1 player on the same computer (not over network). I think this game would work well whit multiply players on the same computer/screen :slight_smile:

anyway, rly nice work!

Hey esoneson,

I explained in the readme file how that can be done. Check out the FAQ.
Also we’ll add an new menu page especially for this mode soon.


ahh nice!
I diden’t spot the readme at first :smiley:
But if you are going to add it as an menu option i think I’ll wait for that one :smiley:

anyway nice game!

Hey esoneson,

We updated quite a lot of stuff now. Therefore there’s no more excuse to hesitate playing our game right now :slight_smile:
Feel free to download the latest release from http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=62926.

Here’s a list of modifications:

  • Support for optional OpenGL extentions has been added.
  • A button has been added to the lounge to add local players without hotkey.
  • Bombs are now initiated when they’re kicked into another detonation.
  • If a player joins a running game he/she is told the maximum game duration.
  • All keys are released when the window focus is lost.
  • Space level performance improved for slow hardware.
  • Screensaver and screen dimming is disabled while the game is running.
  • An initial check if render-to-texture is functional has been added.
  • A skull face is now active half a second before it points perfectly upwards.
  • The setting ‘development/camerafollowsplayer’ in game.ini is functional again.
  • The space lensflare now shifts with the camera x translation.
  • The animation of the invincible effect is now resolution independent.
  • Pouet, facebook and web buttons have been added to the main menu.
  • The server dynablaster.titan-sucks.net has been added to the history.dr file.
  • Added support for SuperJoyBox9 (connects XBox1 pads to PC)
  • Added support for PS3/XBox360 Adapter (connects PS1/2/3, Xbox360 pads to PC)


  • mueslee

nice!, love it!

It’s a pity that this masterpiece gets so few attention.
I really love it. :smiley:

Is this game made in the BGE or another engine, because you might want to emphasize that if it’s not (since most of the games in this forum are done in Blender’s engine)?