Dynamic Hair for New Curve Hair?

Will the new hair system with curves have dynamics/physics? Is there an ETA for this new system? Is there any current example of it with dynamics/physics?

ETA- it’s already here in 3.3 alphas :slight_smile:

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Nah, currently only grooming, no simulations. ETA is 3.5 the earliest i think.

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I’ve not read or seen any news yet on when physics and simulation will be worked on or replaced.

The new curve hairs will react or move with any changes in the base surface and I’m looking forward to testing that for eyebrows and eyelashes. But as for a full head of hair, I suspect that’s still a year+ away from seeing the light of day.

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Thanks everyone. I’m getting nowhere with particle hair when Paige (here) shakes her hair. I’ll pause that project or not use dynamics until the new hair has dynamics.

Yeah, I’ve tried using cloth with a few tricks and while the test below is OK-ish, it still needs a bunch of work and is far from simple to do. At the moment working on a bunch of other aspects and will revisit the whole hair issue in the future.