Dynamic linking/ loading

hey guys,

im working on a project and it will involve a fairly large portion of city blocks (maybe 3+).

ive blocked everything up, so i have a my main building and all other buildings are in pre-viz mode (roughly blocked out).

This is what i want to do;

set empties for each building, link these vertices to another mesh/ object in another blender file…or even scene and update them in both scenes.

so i could work on 1 building at a time in one blend file or scene and only have to worry about placing them in the final scene, would this be possible in blender?

if not it would be good

Yeah, it’s possible right now, even. That’s how they set up the city in plumiferos. I wouldn’t know where any of the tutorials might be, but for a start you can hunt around on the http://mediawiki.blender.org site and the places it links to

wasn’t the elephants dream project also using something similar to that? if im right ud be able to ind all they did on their dev files on the site

Im not sure, ill have a look around.

thanks for the starters though :slight_smile:

im also developing a pipeline for a short film, maybe i can post my final setup on here for future projects. so if any one has any cool tricks please let me know.

ill also post when i find out how to do this scene linking :slight_smile:

Well, I know that the base of it is the ‘append/link’ dialogue box, reachable from the File menu, I guess you’d need link for dynamically updating stuff.


“Proxy Objects” :
…if you want to be able to move the objects … otherwise, just 'linked" objects.