Dynamic Paint use material from brush object?

Hi All,

I was reading up on Dynamic Paint at MikaHweb and ran across a demonstration of using a dynamic paint brush to transfer the material applied to the brush directly to the canvas (about half-way down the page). What I am seeking is a “stamp” tool like the one shown in his demo video. I would like to be able to move the brush over the canvas and stamp multiple copies of an image.

I have a setup in the BLEND file and it seems to work, but the images I stamp are all blurry?

Does anyone know how to correct these blurry images or leverage this image stamping technique?


26_dp_photo_stamp.blend (441 KB)

Here is an image from the MikaHweb site that show how clear an image can be using this material to canvas transfer feature. In this image, the cube is animated to touch the canvas and it leaves a copy of the texture upon the canvas. The sphere is also trailing it’s material across the canvas.

I still wonder how it is done?
Was this feature just dropped from Dynamic Paint?

If you’re baking to vertex colors, you’ll need to add more subdivisions, the grid is too coarse to have any detail. The other option is to use image sequences instead of vertex colors for the canvas.

Increasing the grid does make the viewport image clearer after baking but Blender Internal does not render the stamped image.

I am not sure how to use the image sequence feature. I change the type from Vertex to Image Sequence then bake the image sequence and I still get nothing.

Does anyone have a working example of how to use this image stamp feature or a link to a tutorial on using this feature?

Atom you need to modify canvas object material to receive the changes

if using vertex paint enable Options > Vertex Color Paint
if using images you need to bake a sequence and load as a texture

DP is a great tool -that also looks clean having so many options-

@liero: Thanks for the Vertex Color Paint tip. I missed that. But I still get no stamping action out of my render. I find that if I use a subdivision surface on the canvas that Dynamic Paint only looks at the Preview, not the Render value when it bakes in Vertex mode. Because the mesh has to be ridiculously dense I lose all the speed benefits I was hoping to leverage for this stamping feature.

So how does the image sequence portion work? I can not find any info on this. You and Brecht mention it, but when I switch to image sequence I also get no stamping action even if I click on the Bake Image Sequence button.

Any info is appreciated, thanks again.

maybe check to have a valid output path, it just worked for me with your file…

press bake and wait for a while -3 minutes here for a 1024 resolution- you can also use effectors to ‘smudge’ colors under drip and other effects -with pretty decent results- then search in your folder and load the sequence as texture


you see the square ‘counter’ cursor when baking


It is a two step process and I have to assign the generated image sequence to the canvas material after it bakes.

I just thought the entire process was automatic.

Thank you for taking the time to help me with this.

The image sequence is way faster, after baking, than subdividing the mesh with Vetex mode.