dynamic paint waves not rendering


I have set up a plain (with sufficient vertex density, and adding subdivision surface modifier) as dynamic paint canvas and another cylinder mesh as dynamic paint brush for simulating waves.

I animated the cylinder and , I could see the waves in the view port as I desired but while rendering, it is not there!

can any one help me saying what could be wrong? I’m using blender 2.72b.

Without seeing the file I can only guess at possible solutions. First make sure that all modifiers have render visibility turned on. Second make sure to bake the dynamic paint cache on the canvas before rendering. If that doesn’t do it we might need to take a look at the file to find some other problem.

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change render subsurf to 1.

or, change viewport subsurf to 2, and rebake the paint.

Both subsurf levels need to be the same.


Thanks so much Photox ~ I was loosing my mind trying to figure out what was wrong and of course it just had to be an easy fix. Cheers!

Hey, no worries. Sorry it took you 4 years to get it working! :sunglasses:

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Thank you So ,much!!! I was going to give up!!

baking was the way thank you <3