Dynamic Runtime: Help!

Hi to all!
I’m using Blender since current release (2.34) and I need to know what the “Dynamic Runtime” features is and why it’s disabled in this Blender version.

Please Help! :o


Well in blender 2.25 there you could use .ogg audio support, but you had to publish it as Dynamic runtime to get it to work. Also when you want to use Python that needs external dll’s or modules you should publish as dynamic runtime too. What the real meaning is, no idea, I know you use it for python scripts inside your games, or .ogg audio support, but more. ??? :-?

In 2.34 the “normal” runtime is actually the dynamic runtime. The main difference between them is the dynamic runtime dynamicly links to external DLLs, and the static runtime is self contained.

Thanks Wiseman303,
I’ve understand that the “dynamic” word was for the media content and not for the required dlls.
So , if I have a 100mb executable file, is this file loaded entirely in main memory?
Or the media content is loaded only wher required?