Dynamic workflow from VR to Blender?


I wonder if anyone can give me some advice… I’m working in VR, Adobe Medium and Gravity Sketch, and I’m looking for a more dynamic workflow if possible.

To start with I imported the obj file into Blender, moved it in position added the material.
It worked ok, but if I need to make changes in VR and export once again, I need to re-import the object, move and rotate and add materials once again. Not ideally.

So I figured out that I can link the object in from an other Blender file, so I don’t have to move and rotate it over and over again. That’s fine. But it seems that I can’t add materials to a linked file - is that true?

Is there a smarter / better workflow for this?

The process to update linked objects could be more simple, than needing to change display mode in the outliner.