Dynamica: blend-files for the demos?

(Darchethiel) #1


Are the blend-files of the great avis on http://www.centralsource.com/blender/dynamica/ available? I think this would people help to work with dynamica -> help improving the usability (for I am not such a pro, thus cannot say much to the code).

Thank you,

(theeth) #2

I didn’t keep all the blend files from those tests :expressionless:

but another example using a Gravity attractor can be found there: http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6778


(Darchethiel) #3

Are there any dat-files (this is the format dynamica uses, isn’t it?) for learning purposes available? Or some tutorials would do, too. Concerning the effects the videos present …

(theeth) #4

other than the FAQ text file, there’s no tutorial per se.
as for the Dat files, I have a good archive here, but it would require a lot of cleaning, and I probably won’t be able to upload them until the next session of course begins (direct access to the servers). I’ll try to unpload a couple until then, but the bulk of the files will probably have to wait 3 weeks. :frowning: