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Hello. I am new to blender and I want to sculpt a kind of cartoony head using dyntopo. Can somebody tell me what brushes I should use in dyntopo since I heard from a few sources that certain brushes won’t work in dyntopo. And should I start with a cube and use multiple res or subsurf? Or should I start with a sphere and use 1 of the modifiers I mentioned above?

And should I start with a cube and use multiple res or subsurf?
If you are using Dyntopo as you said then neither multires or subsurf are supported when sculpting. For regular sculpting use the multires modifier

Most brushes have essentially the behavior in dynamic-topology mode as they have with regular sculpting, except that the mesh is subdivided (and/or simplified) during the stroke. Some brushes and brush modes never update mesh topology even when dynamic topology is enabled:

  • Grab brush
  • Rotate brush
  • Thumb brush
  • Layer brush
  • Smooth brush (including alt-key smoothing with a different brush)
  • Mask brush

Additionally, if the stroke mode is Anchored or Drag Dot the topology will not be updated.There is also a new sculpt-brush tool called Simplify. This brush collapses short edges (as defined by the detail size) whether or not the Collapse Short Edges option is enabled. This brush has no effect if dynamic topology is not enabled.Snake Hook

One other brush that deserves special mention is the Snake Hook brush. Unlike the Grab brush, the Snake Hook brush does update topology. It’s useful in dynamic-topology mode for moving large areas of a mesh or making large extensions.


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Ok so to start off, I should just use a regular cube, add symmetry, enable dyntopo, and use the brushes that updates the topology? Should I use the smooth on the left to make it less blocky?

Add cube, subdivide a few times (W / Subdivide), then make it a sphere (Shift+Alt+S / 1)

Ok thanks a lot. Any additional information or tips I should know on dyntopo is useful. The sculpt will just be cartoony and humanlike head.

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