Dyntopo Sculpture - Peter Mullan as Jacob Snell


nice work !!!

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Hahaaa! A fan of Ozark I see… :grinning:

Great series, and excellent choice for your character… That guy is terrifying! :grimacing:

You did a great job of capturing his features!

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Thank you alf0!

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I enjoyed the show indeed. It was quite dark which i happen to like and the character of mister mullan just hit me as terrifying he was. Thank you for your kind words Nunud.

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Beautiful sculpt! :+1:

Much appreciated yakuzakazuya! I think i need to start learning retopo to push my sculpting a bit further though. Maybe some animated camera movements which in this case is not even possible because there is no sculpted detail behind the head at all.

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I use blender for the renders of models to later paint over. Kind of glad I don’t need to retopo my sculpts for my purpose at this time :smile:

Or I just use tesselator addon for autoretopology if I need to multires for extra details.

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Another Ozark fan here :slight_smile: I’ve #featured your sculpt :+1:

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Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

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yeeeeehaaaaa!!! amazing job

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Wow, really beautiful sculpt and a great series! Did you sculpt the hair and beard too? Any textures/alphas used for the sculpt?

Thank you. I sculpted hair and beard using just the basic brushes, clay stripes and drawbrush. I started with a big brush size and went smaller and smaller as soon as the form started to appear. I have bamboo pen and touch tablet as my working gear. It does the job :slight_smile:

For the skin and hat I used some skinbrushes and stamps:

For the rest of the scuplture i used just some noise texture with the basic brush just to calm down the shiny clay.

And btw for the lighting i used poliigons three point studio lights if somebody is interested.


Beautiful work and detail! How long did it take you?

Much appreciated Chamine. I think somewhere between 10-20h? Few hours here and there in a few months period of time. I like to do this as a hobby kind a slow.

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That’s pretty quick for that level of detail! Kudos to u! :grinning:

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best blender sculpt I’ve seen so far

Nice work!! Great proportions and the hair detail is awesome!
I would just play more with the lights. I think there is too much shadow on his eyes, which are one of the main points of interest in a portrait.
I was looking at this sculpture https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ydEqQ yesterday on Artstation. I think it is a really good reference for lighting studies. And the artist took time to try several different lighting scenarios.

Again, amazing sculpture! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Thank you Daniel for your kind words and also your time for critique. That artstation study was actually really helpful for my learning proces and that sculpture is just wonderful.

I rebember having some difficulties with the lighting indeed. In the other hand i wanted to show the sculpture in a light that reviel it properly but i also wanted to give some feeling that the man is staring and judging his opponent in a creepy manner. Maybe there could have been some other light angle which had served that purpose better.

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That is too kind of you but thanks czesiek!