dyson air multiplier

This is a really unique piece of technology, you have to check it out:

I saw one of these demonstrated in a store yesterday. $350 is just absurd for a fan, even though it does seem to be slightly quieter and prettier than your average desk fan. I’ll save $335 and listen to some music while I work instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea that is ridiculous, I’d rather wait for it to go down in costs.

It’s a great concept, they do give off a nice stream of air. Similarly their air blade hand cleaners are pretty good too.

I think their business philosophy is to commercialise air/fluid physics, which they seem to be doing pretty well so far.

Prices are relative to how much you earn!

Well, not necessarily, even Bill Gates would agree $350 for a fan is ridiculous.

Bill Gates could easily afford one though.

If you want good fans that aren’t too expensive we get fans under the Vornado brand, they can blow air pretty good and last I’ve read they’re a local company.

Yes, he could easily afford one, but he would agree that it’s a ridiculous price for what you’re getting. My point is that regardless of income it’s still outrageous.

the concept of this fan is terrific. suck in air, compress, shoot out and accelerate surrounding air
to produce a good steady stream of air.

But the price itself is too high. The Dyson ball is a nice concept as well but the suction strength
of that machine is lower than a 99 dollar vacuum we have as well.

There’s the “kirby” worth about US$4,500.

It uses about 900 watts of energy, has greater suction because it doesn’t use a hose. The motor fan is seperate from the suction air, so it lasts longer (about ten years). There’s a whole heap of other features like it makes your carpet lifespan longer so in about 5-10years you actually get your money back. And it can clean up your bed mattress of dust, dead skin so your health is better.
I used to sell these back in the days, door knocking and so on.
Recently I saw a second hand store selling it second hand for about $700. If I had that much money I would have nabbed it.

Woah, a second hand store selling it second hand? Unheard of! Just messing with you, but yea, I have had a kirby for years and is still extremely reliable, if bulky and loud.