Dystopia City (Cycles Render)

As many of you know Daz started giving away there software for free not to long ago. They also had in their free give away a product called Dystopia City Blocks. When some friends of mine wanted to do a video in the future I remembered this. I exported the blocks from Daz as .obj format and imported them into Blender. Now I am in the process of redoing all the of textures. This is what I have so far.

Really now? They actually have a city? Huh.

Actually they don’t. Daz is just a 3rd party vendor. The creators can be found here. http://www.team-dystopia.com/ They give away a few blocks to generate interest in people buying the rest. The textures are quite horrible, so if you want it to look even slightly realistic you will have to make your own. This is a render from another view. It’s almost ready for a video render test.

Ok, that’s a given. The city itself is so monochromatic. I think you’re absolutely right about making the buildings on your own. However, even if this is just a sample, it does have potential as a modeling reference.