Dystopian Zombie Truck chic

Hum3d car modeling competition.

Day1 after a couple hours.

Working on the base for now before jumping into texturing and environment. I am going for the prettiest zombie apocalypse truck on the market. Though may change my mind on artistic direction when I get closer to what I have pictured in my head.

and end of day 1 with a few more hours of modeling.

Day 2 and only a little bit work on the base.

Base geometry of the truck done. Still needs some minor work such as side lights and moldings but will do that later to fit the final design.

Starting to build some of the fashion accessories.

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Looking good,

Wheels look a bit close to the body, perhaps raise the body a bit?

Thank you for the feedback. I definitely need to do a lift on the truck.

Also spikes to the wheels. :slight_smile:

And the flame thrower in the bed.

Truck bed flamethrower.

Realized I needed something more for the render. Spokeswoman for the brand.

Starting point.