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This is something I quickly made for the weekly animation challenge. It’s called “eco” (as in “earth crossing object”).

Please click here to view the animation.

Technical details: 320x240/10 seconds/250 frames @ 25 fps/DivX Avi encoded with audio. Virtual Dub was used to merge video and audio. For the stupid audio I played my Triton and recorded that through my sound card :slight_smile:

Animation is pure Blender 2.34.


I like how the texture of earth changes with the impact. It really looks like the whole earth is starting to glow with fire and lava.

But I don’t like the camera angle. The focus on the suin with the object and earth just travelling by is a bit vacuous to me. I’d prefer seeing the impact in it’s full “beauty”. :wink:

You have a Korg Triton?! :o I am so jealous!

Anyway, great animation here, and the sound fitted in nicely too. Wasn’t it possible to make the sound in blender, or couldn’t you do that because blender doesn’t support the divX encoding?

I agree with Usagi, the main event of the animation (the impact) was too small, and the angle obscured it. I’m guessing that’s because you haven’t animated the explosion itself, and so quickly panned away so that wouldn’t be an issue?

I liked it, but IMHO the 3 spots (or whateverever they are) are a bit weird, but I like it a lot (it’s looping right now on my screen). The music is a very good match in terms of story support, rythm and sheer drama 8)

After watching this a couple more times I see the particles/stars do get lost at this resolution and compression level, especially on non gamma correct monitors. There are particle emitters in the asteroid and on earth, with the particles trailing the asteroid and the particles on earth ascending outward after iron ore meets pale blue dot :slight_smile: but as always we must be bandwidth conscious…

Usagi: Thank you for the helpful feedback. The post-asteroid collision earth glow was interesting to attempt in the short time I had for this. The camera angle could be better. It has track constraint to an empty not far from the sun. I might work on it some more. I spent about three and a half hours on this. There are numerous IPOs at work here, some affecting lights, others textures, and so on.

aquaglow: Yes, and with the orchestral expansion board, which is really cool. It’s a “classic” Triton, so still the crappy piano, but otherwise powerful and fun to play. Something’s strange with wav files saved in Sound Forge and then opened in Blender, because every time I tried to open those files Blender crashed. I checked to make sure that there were no metadata/unorthodox options set in SF, just simple 44k/16bit/stereo/WAV. I noticed though if I record/save in SF and then reopen/save in Audacity that the file opens just fine in Blender. Strange. Blender handles DivX and many other encoders just fine, so it wasn’t that. I had to make some decisions regarding the camera movement: to keep it still and basically watch the asteroid roll into earth like a cosmic bowling ball game or to make it move – and then where to start from (starting out past earth or behind it, beginning serenely and bringing the asteroid into view). I figured starting out past the earth was good so that in ten seconds there might be some slight mystery about what was going to happen if the title/acronym (eco) didn’t mean anything to the viewer. I wanted to keep this as short as possible within the challenge limits, so there wasn’t enough time to show and develop more. I value the experience though because I came up with a few tricks during the project that I’ll be using in future animations.

arnaud0: For the lights emanating from the asteroid I was trying to depict some breakage/venting from the asteroid as it nears the earth. I was considering making a comet, but I wanted to keep this simple and in line with the challenge’s “not a modeling contest” philosophy :wink: which is good because it forces everyone to focus on the animation mechanics. I’m glad you like the music.

Thanks to everyone who checked out my work!


hey robertt,

glad to see you have moved to animation, i would like to see more of your work but i dont have divx, i have windows media player, but i heard the sound, haha

anyway mind showing some small screen shots

Thanks Wu :slight_smile: great to hear from you my friend. I have several ambitious projects in the works including some animations, so this was a nice “break.” The DivX codec is free and can be found at http://www.divx.com/divx/download (for Win and Mac)
It’s also apparently available for Linux:
Hopefully that helps :slight_smile: Let me know.
Congratulations on another well done animation btw. Keep 'em coming!!