E-Cycles - Faster rendering for CUDA GPUs and better AI denoising

(mathieu) #385

the maximal 8x boost is with tiled rendering indeed.


(dave62) #386

Hey Mathieu,
first of all: your results are very impressive! Great Work!!

I would love to see more of those specific fundings. Eg: Just making blenders raw viewport faster i would spend a lot for, but also making cycles progressive viewport faster would be nice…

I am interessted in buying e-cycles perpetual lic for b28.
Mostly working with simple studio scenes doing packshots, i ask myself how your e-cycles will perform here?
Is 95$ the normal price or the reduced one? For how long will it bereduced?

Cheers, dave

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(mathieu) #387

Hi Dave,
E-Cycles works well on all scenes that use regular path tracing and are rendered using CUDA. The reduced price was until this WE. You can try 2.8 for a month to see it it works well for your workflow. If you then want all 2019 features updates, tell me and I’ll send you a coupon with 1 month deducted.
Cheers, Mat


(dave62) #388

ok, cool:)
I will try it.


(Platon91) #389

Have been following with interest this thread and looking at these very impressive results.

I might have missed some posts though and I know that there are supposed to be some more OpenCL improvements coming as well. Could OpenCL in threory become as efficient as well or are these big optimizations CUDA only?


(mathieu) #390

The priority is on CUDA first for now. AMD paid the Blender Foundation for a year of improvements for the OpenCL kernel, so you should get impressive speedups in the buildbots soon.



very impressive, do you have any plans for a mac release ?


(mathieu) #392

Already several users showed interest, so it’s on my todo list. When the current features are polished, I’ll have a look.


(bkjernisted) #393

I want to bring a 3ds file into blender 2.79b and then save it as a blend file and then import it into 2.8 and apply the textures. If I use 2.8 e-cycles how do I bring it into 2.8 so I can use the e-cycles settings? What do I append? Thanks


(obsurveyor) #394

They didn’t pay BF for a year of improvements to OpenCL. AMD is paying a developer to work on improvements for a year. Big difference.

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(dave62) #395

Just bought the perpetual license:) here are the
1st Results:

-OS: W10
-Simple Studioscene
-Scene Without Denoising
-Tiles Size 32

  1. Rendering with:
    -GPU: 2x GTX1080 (cuda)
    -CPU: I9-7940 (using 28 Threads)

bf builtbot b28: 6min12sec
e-cycles b28: 4min22sec

  1. Rendering with:
    -GPU: 2x GTX1080 (cuda)

bf builtbot b28: 8min07sec
e-cycles b28: 5min08sec

Great Results without any further tweaking of the scene:)

Progressive Viewport seems to be same speed as the normal build.
BTW It would be great if cycles in general has a counter, like in octane S/s.


(mathieu) #396

Welcome to E-Cycles :slight_smile:
1,6x faster is good, but did you try with the window minimized? 2.8 has a pretty heavy UI, so you can get some percent more by minimizing the window when you don’t need to see the progress (see bottom of this post)

@all, the new builds are up. The reduced noise pattern (dithered sobol) is now fixed and is much more robust. So you should be able to render 20% faster by lowering your spp count accordingly :slight_smile:

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(mathieu) #397

Just some sneak peek of my play ground (the intel denoiser is still using command line, not the node from the patch tracker):

  • This image took 14sec to render compared to 41sec in master (4sec scene preprocessing compared to 18sec on master, 8sec path tracing+denoising compared to 23sec in master (and result of course much better as the master denoiser is made for high spp)
  • and in 1min03, you get it in 4200 x 3144 resolution:

So it gives a small preview of what is coming next :slight_smile:


(giacometti777) #398

Omg having these features and improvements be added so quickly is so amazing and freeing. Its profoundly game changing for me!


(mathieu) #399

It’s still in a very early stage, it will take some time to be polished. But actually, I just noticed I didn’t even activated all the speedup I have. The path tracing phase could have been 20% faster in this case, which means 12 sec for the full HD one and 50sec for the 4200*3144 one.

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(DDB) #400

About pre-processing, why it take so much time sometimes? The images textures are reloading every time when doing the render ? How could we speed up the time it make to pre-processing especially in the rendered view ?


(csimeon) #401

Hi Mathieu,
I have been hesitating to purchase this past week, considering 2.79 vs 2.80.
In the meantime I have done work in 2.80 and it seems I will be switching over, sooner rather than later.
So I went to Gumroad, to purchase the monthly 2.80 “with weekly support”, but came back to write this
Is the build really from 23.12.2018? Blender 2.80 beta is changing fast (daily?) and that is an old build, isn’t it? Is the promo image old?

EDIT: Great, those are just dates for test scores then! I’m buying now. Ty


(giacometti777) #402

I can confirm there have been many builds since then - including one yesterday!


(mathieu) #403

For the big textures, you can already activate “persistent images” in the performance panel. For the rest, as I said, I’m already working on making it faster :slight_smile:


(mathieu) #404

thanks for pointing that out. It’s indeed time to update those results anyway :slight_smile:

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