E-Cycles - RTX version 50% off during beta (until 21th of September)

After 4 days it seems all questions have been cleared and the latest build is stable. So I’ll be AFK for 2 weeks. I also already prepared the Mai update. It’s a port of a feature I already enabled for E-Cycles 2.79x which will bring around 10-20% faster rendering to 2.8x and will also improve memory usage, letting a bit more space for textures, meshes, etc.
Thanks for the support messages, the tips to keep the muscles fit on the long run and see in you in Mai with even faster rendering :slight_smile:


blue beam effect made by Composition in bmw scene. It’s from 2d Image.

I don’t know what you’ve changed, but it’s obviously modified in composition settings.

hey there
wish to buy this asap…
Any discount running or coming in the near future? i missed one I guess
Please guide
Highly appreciate

As I won’t be giving support for 2 weeks, I reduced the price of the year 2019 versions by 10% for people joining in this period. It works directly without coupon. When I’m back, the price will be set back as usual.
You can get 2.8x and 2.7x with 10 % off for 2 weeks.

Looking at the Gumroad visits stats, many missed the Gumroadday and have heard about it on the Sunday after or had trouble during the sales due to high traffic. So to correct that I plan to do a sale week-end later in May.


i think you should email Ton about this subject or contact blender directly instead of on forum, they clearly dont want to reveal anything in public, i dont understand why.
and clearly blender + RTX is not for the near future as we don’t have any informations what so ever


They are not the ones doing the RTX integration AFAIK, so they don’t want to reveal anything because the people doing the integration don’t want to reveal anything, it’s not a decission made by the Blender Institute, again, as far as I know.

In any case the integration of RTX needs one important thing, Linux support based on Vulkan for Raytracing since in Windows it is based on DirectX DXR, and this is something that is still experimental in Nvidia drivers, I’m not even sure it has been made public in drivers.


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Hi, I purchased this software(B-Renderon) today but it did not work with E-cycles 2.8 (it worked with Blender 2.8).
What kind of things do you think could be the cause?

Hi, @bliblubli is on vacation for 14 days.

Currently, builds for Windows 10 64 bits, Ubuntu 18.04 64 bits, and Fedora Workstation 29 64 bits are available.

Is it a fork of Blender or an addon?
Does it work on latest build from https://builder.blender.org/download/ ?

Cheers, mib

Hi @mib2berlin.
Yeah, I’m not in a hurry.
B-renderon is stand-alone software that selects “blender.exe” and “.blend file” to be used for rendering, and executes rendering on the command line without starting blender.
Yes, it works fine with the latest build of blender2.80 Beta Win64(April 18) & (April 09).

Thanks for your reply.

oh … This problem was resolved.
It worked fine with old e-cycles.
Thanks again.

Hi, I’m new to Blender 3D, I bought a new video card RTX 2080, Blender 2.79 and 2.80 have no render.
If I buy E-Cycles, the render will be in Blender 2.79 and 2.80. Operating system Windows 8.1.
Sorry for bad English, I am writing through a translator.

Hi, 2.8 should work with RTX cards but I think Beta was not.
Check https://builder.blender.org/download/ for a daily snapshot build.
E-Cycles is build from master and only a few days old.
Blender does not support the extra Raytracing cores of RTX but will render very fast anyway.
Full RTX support is planed for the future.

Cheers, mib
EDIT: You need latest driver from Nvidia not included Windows driver.

I downloaded a new build 2.80 for your link, render has earned. Will E-Cycles work with 2.79 with my RTX video card? If it is, then buy it.

hello, i dont quite understand what you are saying but i have two RTX2080ti and it work wonderful on e-cycles both 2.79 and 2.8

Thank! Now bought, I’ll go figure it out!

Do you know that blender can render with the RTX2080 without using e-cycles?
I use RTX2070 with Blender 2.79.7 and 2.8 and e-cycles and I can render it.

No, I do not know)) How to do it? How much is it? Interesting.

You should download the new Blender 2.79 build from the official site.
I was able to render with RTX2070.

So If you are dissatisfied with rendering speed, you may need to buy e-cycles.

You need latest build.

I bought electronic cycles, now I am learning how to install.)

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