E-cycles vs Cycles


what is the purpose of E-cycles?
since the Cycles rendering time that comes with Blender is almost the same.

thank you

Well it is the same for you its indeed not useful.

E-Cycles has several patches from the developer website that are currently not in master and other small things from the developer that sells E-Cycles. Could be more or less and i am sure it was a lot of work but still most of the performance boost come from patches from the blender devs.

In short it shut fasten up the render times and thats basically it i think.

can you tell me if it pays to use E-cycles, at render time, compared to Cycles?

I am pretty sure in the E-Cycles thread is a comparison. I guess it even can be googled…
In my opinion its only worth it when you render a lot and that thing is also pretty pricey… In the end you have to decide.

Well look at that it works…

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There are many videos and comparisons out there that prove that it’s much faster, not sure where you got that it’s almost the same.

It has a very nice integration of Light groups and a more reactive viewport in E-Cycles 2021.
It’s up to you to decide if it is worth it or not.