Eagle 2

I have been working on this project on and off for a few weeks now and I am finally starting to see some progress. I have not finished all of the hull plating and I have not added all of the details I intend on adding. How can I improve the design?

Another view. Thoughts?

I like the overall design you are going for, a lot of attention to detail with realistic aerodynamics. Since you stated that you still have more additions to make I may reiterate what you have in mind already. But anyways, the model looks a bit plastic like a model plane, adding some grit (noise or streak lines) in the metal to give a little character. This one may just be personal preference but in the second image where it’s focused on the three blue tech pieces, if you made a small area for them slot into instead of the ‘pasted on the outside’ look it might help it look less model-like. Overall I think it looks great good work!

I like the overall design. Let me focus on the two guns projecting from the green wing attachment. They both need one darker shade of grey to feel fully rounded. And don’t be afraid to use black in some areas, like the two protruding green parts. The tips of the guns should not glow. Here they appear like lights. The wings appear to be made of plastic. If that was your goal, you’ve nailed it. Overall, the lighting is diffuse. I suggest higher contrast as edges turn.

Ok thanks, ill try and improve it. Here is a somewhat new update of it. Though I am starting to improve the textures for the model today, so I should be out with another post soon.