Ear Rings

If I get any good responses or ideas, I might continue to work on this, so, I figured I would post in the WIP section. I felt my BI render was too light and my Yafray blender was too dark, so I combined them in photoshop (just plopped one on top of the other and adjusted opacity until I liked it) it was a lot quicker than re-rendering… :slight_smile: Let me know what you think.


Couldn’t you just adjust the light intensity :slight_smile: Anyways, those are looking pretty nice, and any more details’d be pointless due to the relatively small size of ear rings :slight_smile:

Lwerewolf - Thanks. I could have changed the light intensity, but it’s a whole lot quicker to work in photoshop than to change the lighting and re-render. I tried adjust brightness and contrast on them, but there were subtle details in each that I lost when trying that - Just trying to do more with what little time I’ve got… :slight_smile:

ok, fine - forget critiques, just post - “Good”, “Mediocre”, or “Bad” - I’m desperate for some attention here… :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, that seems to be too much effort as well… :slight_smile: Just show a thumbs up or down and I will sense your impressions telepathically.
Thanks for lookin’ :slight_smile:

Can you tell how many people are looking?:eyebrowlift:

Anyway, I am going to agree with Lwerewolf, they look nicely done.

What were you planning to do with them?

Javadog_2008 - well, thanks you very much. If you do a search on posts by a particular person it will show how many views it’s gotten - these ear rings are still under 100 views.
I hadn’t really thought about doing anything with them, I just had one of my wifes ear rings sitting on my desk and thought it would be a fun exercise. I’m not surprised I’m not getting any replies, there’s really not much to them. But thanks for your reply, it made my day.

nice modeling work, and the render is not bad. One thing I should change is the plane, maybe you could try to model some silk drapery. I don’t know whether the ear rings reflect something, I can’t spot by your image, if not you should add a relfect map also.

tixy, I wanted it to look like a studio shot, so, I thought the reflections should be limited to lights. I originally thought about putting them on a piece of felt, but quickly realized I have now idea how I would create that kind of texture.
Thanks for the comments. :slight_smile: