Earning money through donations by making mods, is it worth it?

Can anyone tell me is it worth it to make mods for games like Fallout 4 on NexusMod? I heard you can earn income through donations that the site offers, has anyone ever had any experience? My current skills are 3D modeling, texturing(in Blender and Affinity photo), rigging and animation. I know I should probably choose upwork instead of anything else, but right at the moment I’m a student so that’s no good for me, I just can’t work on a project 24/7, mods on the other hand are another thing. There’s no commitment there, speaking of no commitment, what’s the situation with TF2 items, I know you have to have Valve’s seal of approval to have your item/model thrown the market in order to make any money. But I’m just wondering how much is it worth it?
I was also somewhat active on turbosquid, but as it turns out, rendering for my rig takes too much time and it’s not very profitable.

Come on guys, give me anything, criticize me. I don’t care, as looking as we start a conversation about what would be the best route for earning money? For instance, would developing FPS shooting range, system and mechanics for Unity be an option, I realize that for modding you need to have a lot of knowledge about programming languages such as C#(Unity) , C++, JavaScript and other, not to mention that every toolkit or game engine has it’s own API that you also have to take into account.

Start a kickstart or a indie gogo

(have proof of skill and maybe even some of the project coded)

get the mod preview etc in places gamers hang out and get feedback,