Earrings, Chain... DYNAMIC Simulation for a Character ?

Hey All,

I’m working on a simple character, but before I continue working I would like to do some “simple” experiments (if possible) with something I have no clue about.

Earring Simulation:
I realize that I would like to do some earrings that will move while the character is moving (simulation) not manually animated.
Foe example:
a “donate / ring shape” earring moving while the head/ear is animated.
Do I actually need to make a hole for the earring or I can just put it overlap the ear?

Chain Simulation:
Same go for a chain for the neck (but what if it’s a cartoon character) means no shoulders or a neck for the chain to “sit over” the head and the body are the same part so how the, imagine a potato or an egg shape… how can I put a Chain on this kind of character so it won’t fall…
Do I need to “glue” part of it to the character somehow?

Again, I have no idea how to even start I’m looking for video tutorials so I can get the basic idea and do some “tests” even on a simple sphere.

Any help or directions to a good video tutorials to understand how I solve these problems I’ve mentioned above will be very helpful.

Sorry about my bad English, and Thanks ahead! :slight_smile:

You could just use simple rigid body simulations for both.
For the necklace, just don’t add any physics to some of the individual objects (assuming the necklace is not just one mesh, but an actual chain), for example, to the neck and shoulders. They won’t move and keep the rest from falling
If the chain is one mesh, you can use a softbody simulation and use a vertex group to pin some of the vertices.

Thanks for the tips Mourlie! :slight_smile:

Sounds cool, I think that that “pinning” will be the solution for the necklace., sounds lots of fun) so I’m looking for an easy-to-follow video tutorials to understand how it works.

This is a quick and fun tutorial from BG about a swinging chain that may give you some ideas.

Thanks Tim!
I’ll check it out :smiley: