Earth and moon

Need to find a better moon texture i think i think the moon appears a bit bright when viewed from space

Wow good point I’ll work on that thanks!

used a different bump map for the moon and i brightened it a bit

The blur around the earth and moon looks a bit too strong. Also, I would recommend using an actual photograph for the moon texture.

worked on the moon and lowered the atmospheric glow a bit

Pointing out the cycles star tutorial???

i based mine of of andrew prices.

I was referring to the distance the moon should be from the earth. That image is to scale.

I believe what OL77 is pointing out is the relative sizes between the earth and the moon… that image is a size comparison and distance comparison… its very far away and smaller

OHH duh ok lol i see it now, ill work on that a bit

Hows that

i wonder whether you would be able to see so many background stars that close to surfaces illuminated by the Sun, especially viewed through the Earth’s atmosphere

in photos where you can see stars in the background, it seems that less of them are visible on the illimunated side (similar to daylight) and more of them are visible in the Earth’s shadow