Earth (back online)

This is the first part of a project I’m working on. I’ve spent a couple hours fiddling with the atmosphere glow material. I’m using the blend, sphere, normal method. All previous attempts I’ve made produced a very hard edge, but I finally managed to get it softened out.

Here’s a crop of the edge:
And here is the whole pic: Full Image

I’ll post some screenshots of the atmosphere material later if anyone wants them.

C&C welcome!

Now time for some sleep! Zzzz…

The link is broken! :frowning:

I can´t see an image… The link is dead :-?

sorry guys, my domain forwarding ( is down. I’ll bump the thread when it comes back.

Ok, it’s back up. Comment away!

most excellent on so many levels and I have to wonder, is the wolf I’m seeing in the clouds intentional, or is it just a cool bonus?

Only two observations.

  1. The cloud formations over california seem to be wrong. (Unless you really really really hate california, that is).

  2. The wave patterns (or possibly cloud cover) is all wrong. There seems to be a tsunami working towards california (boy you must really hate california) and below the equator the waves seem to be acting up.

Althiom, the picker of nits.

althiom: Haha, no I don’t hate california. The planet textures came from here:

Is that cyan color surrounding the bottom outline of North America supposed to be there?