Earth Cross Section, Nested shells intersected with cube. Exportable to X3D

I’m interested in a 3D model of an Earth Cross Section, or Nested shells intersected with a cube and the cube portion removed. Each shell is colored a different color and there is either a small space between shells, or a different colored sphere (black). An example might show the core, mantle, crust and then ocean and land or a map (preferred) or texture projected onto the outer shell or sphere. This will be exported to X3D and then converted to JSON and JavaScript for use in a D3.js data visualization. Other formats are acceptable as long as they are high level (spheres, shells, cubes) and can be converted to JSON at the high level. glTF or Collada are acceptable as long as they remain at a high level, and don’t go into rendering details. The reason X3D is preferred is that I am working with X3DOM, and would like to import the model into a web page for data visualization. If glTF and Collada are provided, then Three.js will be chosen to try to accomplish the visualization, but d3.js is preferred for it’s transitions (likely we will be changing the thickness and number of the shells). No shading or camera is necessary, but may be desirable if you can make it look good.

This is a technical demo and credit will be given to the artist and the final web page will be copyrighted by the artist and myself, under whatever license the artist wants, as long as it is viewable to web audiences.

Timeline is at your convenience, but I can’t imagine this is very hard for an adept blender user (which I am not).

Contact info is mailto:[email protected]

I think this could be done with an extrusion per hemisphere per shell/level of earth. Good luck! X3D would be desired. I already have this working in Three.js, but would like a more declarative, animateable version

Something like this an image texture over the earth will suffice.