Earth + Earth and Borg Cube

The Earth

…soon to be assimilated into The Collective.

The Earth, created by following Andrew Price’s brilliant tutorial, and a Borg Cube, created after I concluded that I couldn’t be arsed to attempt to do the whole process again, but with a square Earth.

These are my first ever Blender projects since I watched Sintel the other day and thought “Hey, I’d sure like to be able to do that!”

Criticism welcomed, don’t feel bad about telling a newbie where he’s gone wrong. Also, any tips on making the Borg Cube look any more realistic? I basically only used the knowledge I’d gained from the Earth tutorial to make it.

The size of the Borg Cube and the Earth doesn’t scream possible foreboding trouble. You might want to watch some clips from Star Trek First Contact to see the possible relation in size between of the two.

I figured because of how huge the Earth is, the sizes work out. I’ll do some Youtubing though, (Y).

the lighting on the borg cube is inadequate, it looks weird.

I figured leaving it in mostly darkness would make it look more sinister and be more accurate to how it would actually look in space. What would you suggest? Give it it’s own lamp, or emit value?

I think he means the direction of light. The earth is lit from the right, but the Borg cube seems to be lit from the left. Also, the lit part should be brighter and contrasted to the shadowed bit.

Yeah, I did notice the different lighting on the cube, but I couldn’t work it out. Maybe I’m just not being extreme enough with my light placement. I’ll try and get some stronger light on the cube. Also, I only just noticed with the first image that the ‘sun’ is way too high, and not level with the Earth as it should be.